Tonari-so is a shrine lodge for family trips, social gatherings and seminars, also serving kaiseki course lunches loaded with seasonal dishes.


Tonari-so was built long ago as a shrine lodge to host the many people who came to visit Mount Mitakesan, long revered as a sacred mountain because of Mitake-jinja Shrine on its peak.

Tonari-so is now open to the general public. The lodge is surrounded by nature and is a wonderful place to relax the soul. There are many fantastic hiking trails to sights such as rock gardens and Nanayo-no-taki Falls. We dedicate ourselves to family-style service and invite everyone to come enjoy it.

Address 49 Mitakesan, Ome-shi, Tokyo, 198-0175, Japan Map
Contact Tel/Fax: +81 428 78 8447
URL (Japanese)
Number of Rooms 7 rooms, 40-tatami banquet hall
Check-in From 15:00
Check-out Until 10:00


Cuisine at Tonari-so


Original Tonari-so cuisine is filled with seasonal Mitakesan dishes that constantly push the frontiers of taste.

Kaiseki Lunch  3,500 yen

An appetizer, chawanmushi egg custard, salt-grilled river fish, a nimono simmered dish, a sunomono vinegared dish, a stew dish, a chinmi delicacy, tempura, sansai wild mountain vegetables, sashimi konnyaku, yamakake grated yam, white rice, soup and dessert.

Accommodation Plans at Tonari-so

Accommodation Plans

One Night with Two Meals  8,400 yen

Dinner: Eight items including tempura, a nimono simmered dish, river fish and konnyaku sashimi

One Night with Two Meals  10,000 yen

Dinner: 10 items including shrimp, a stew dish, sashimi, tempura and river fish

Tourmaline Stone Bath

Tourmaline Stone Bath

The effects of the tourmaline warm the body down to the core.


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