Nishi Susaki-bo Kuraya is a shrine lodge featuring a public bath with a view, and a tea house that serves homemade baked goods and kama-meshi lunch dishes.


The public bath with a view was just completed last year and is open to the public during the day (alternates between men-only and women-only each day). Entry costs 500 yen and includes a rental towel.

It feels great to bathe while gazing at the night view, an experience open only to guests staying the night.

Address 142 Mitakesan, Ome-shi, Tokyo, 198-0175, Japan Map
Contact Tel: +81 428 78 8473 /Fax: +81 428 78 9953
URL http://m-kuraya.com/ (Japanese)
Tea House
Business Hours 10:00 to 17:00
Seating Capacity 7


Oyaki Chasen Coffee Set

Oyaki Chasen Coffee Set  500 yen

An old-fashioned steamed oyaki dumpling with Hokkaido soybeans kneaded into a flour crust. Comes with coffee whipped with a chasen tea whisk to make it creamy and smooth.

Kama-meshi Lunch Set Meal

Kama-meshi Lunch Set Meal  1,800 yen

This luxurious kama-meshi (rice dish steamed in an iron pot) lunch combination includes homemade konnyaku jelly, omeni simmered plums, two sansai wild mountain vegetable dishes, pickled vegetables, a mini soba dish and dessert.


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