Katayanagi-so is a shrine lodge featuring family-style cooking and hospitality, located a two-minute walk from the Visitor Center.


Katayanagi-so is an eight-minute walk from Mitakesan Station on the cable car line and a two-minute walk from the Visitor Center. The beautiful flowers change along with the seasons, and the fall leaves are stunning.

A statue of Hatakeyama Shigetaka atop a horse sculpted by Seibo Kitamura greets all who enter. From their rooms, guests can see houses with thatch roofs.

Address 56 Mitakesan, Ome-shi, Tokyo, 198-0175, Japan Map
Contact Tel/Fax: +81 428 78 8461
Number of Rooms 10


One Night with Two Meals

One Night with Two Meals  From 8,400 yen

Katayanagi’s original cuisine awaits all who visit, and the dishes change along with the seasons.

Taste of Japan: Kinpira

Taste of Japan: Kinpira Sautéed and Simmered Root Vegetables

Palate-pleasing kinpira made by the Japanese grandma you never knew you had.

Taste of Japan: Nimono

Taste of Japan: Nimono Simmered Dishes

Hearty dishes made with vegetables harvested from the fields of Mitakesan.

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